Unfortunately, Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the kingdom of Bahrain and we tend to see women at a much younger age group thanin other parts of the world, so Dr Sara has been working closely with the Bahrain cancer society for the past six years in promoting the national campaign for early detection of breast cancer. As a vice president to the Bahrain cancer society and currently chairman of public awareness and education, she has run various workshops, series of lectures and organized free breast examination clinics to many schools, major banks and companies in the kingdom to provide female workers and high school female students breast care awareness.

Patients who visit the London Breast Care Center Bahrain have access to the most advanced tests and therapies available anywhere.The breast centre is able to examine and diagnose breast lesions providing results to patients on the same day. Dr. Sara offers skin sparing mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction for women with early breast cancer. This new surgical technique allows for preservation of the skin envelope of the breast while removing breast tissue affected by the tumour at the same time allowing for immediate breast reconstruction. Other clinical interests include early detection, prevention and genetic predisposition to breast cancer, cosmetic breast surgery including augmentation and reduction mammoplasty, delayed breast reconstructions and the treatment of benign breast conditions.

With such unparalleled levels of dedicated staff and superior technology, the London Breast Care Centre Bahrain strives to contribute to the future of improved breast care services for breast cancer patients.